The Cost of Living

by Vices to the Grave

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Vices to the Grave Tempe, Arizona

Vices to the Grave is a 4 piece punk band from Tempe, Arizona established in 2010. VTTG is current’y playing shows throughout the Valley/Phoenix metro area.

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Track Name: Price to Overcome
We paid a price to overcome
maybe think twice not give up hope
And you will someday find you everything
What we need is not what it seems to be
What we want is not what we’ve done
Survive & live to see another day
They’re gonna come for me again
And take away all my friends
gonna make me disappear
Take it all away

Let’s go, For fear
For a chance to live again
Once more it’s time to
leave our sack of shit behind
You’ll never hear from me
but we’re alright
Track Name: We Don't Care
I grew up with a small town crew
the bond was strong & we held on true
we knew not what we wanted to do
but we seen it through
You try to push, you try to pull
brainwash a generation of fools
finding out voice & we refuse
to be abused

We don’t care what our parents are sayin’
We don’t care for society’s standards
We don’t care what the whole world thinks
We don’t care

No one can divine, they cannot decide
story of our time is far beyond their minds
we all hold a key, a reason why we bleed
sparking a bad seed when love is all we need
Track Name: Carry our Burdens
One that we call a friend
To track a tail of tears
carry our burdens
One to kill the pain
One to feel alright
One to help us sleep at night

How can we, live like this
All day long, do nothing to call our own
One can’t save you, Few would help you
help yourself
All those you see will never be
like yourself
Track Name: Vices to the Grave
Everyone has something that they need
to get by
People taking any kind of drugs
to survive
Things we consume don’t control us
in my case
Vices walking us into old age,
our graves
I could never do this on my own
A little help to get by I’m never alone
this goes out to those that can but never try
Take a chance or life will pass you by
I wish you would get high
I wish you would get stoned
Track Name: Smile full of Sand
A smile full of sand, is on heavy demand
They ate for free, we got free weed
Soon come the day we left Chino Valley
I’m trippin’ balls, freakin the walls
eating with rats, sailing full mast

we had a life, we felt alright
No point in hate & there’s no need to fight
started too late, we fell at the gate
this town reminds me of forgotten days

Searching for the path
we somehow double back
Justify our choices
picking up the broken pieces
Track Name: Enjoy the Taste
Why is life to dysfunctional
Do you wanna know?
If you have to ask I won’t tell you
well enough alone
Nothing you do will speed up the pace
It is not a race
Takin’ it easy once in a while
Enjoy the taste
Living together we die all the same
Stand together or dig you own grave
Day to day just playing their game
Is that the life now?

From cradle to grave we all sing the same song
From prick to douche bag all sayin’ along
In the end I will not tell you
why life is so dysfunctional
What’s a worse case scenario
Track Name: Never Fade Away
Can’t change his channel yet
switch from off to on, not yet
Re-live his old school days
Forget preset ways you bet
He’ll never crack a smile
Never laugh & joke, with you
For him it’s been a while
might just disappear from you
We’ll never fade
We’ll never fade away again, no
Never fade away
Forever made
Ever good times go on, & on
Never fade away
Track Name: Stand Together
I don’t wanna deal with the landlord today
& all that boring shit you know he’s gonna say
I’m not gonna move when the push comes to shove
Hold me resolve til’ the meek hail from above
My credit isn’t much, my wallet needs a crutch
the system laughs at me, & wants to see me bleed
Our votes don’t mean a damn, I think it’s all a scam
All out want a say cannot change their ways

Lost in commotion, never seem to try
Downfall & Demotion, Free will sucks dry
Our rights are lost forever, we’ve been led astray
If we don’t stand together we’ll die another day

We can never be free
You and me will stand & Fight
Or the people will never believe
Track Name: A Way to Leave
We made a choice when we ran together
Not very wise, at the time it seemed so clever
We had it right but we had no money
Maybe we’re blind, At lease we won’t be lonely
I heard a voice it told me to be sober
whats the point I’m not getting any younger
there is a time when the going gets boring
I crack a beer & for now I am ignoring

Where we may go, will always be a highway
A place to flea, a way to leave
forget the past and look unto a new day
yeah, let’s fuck the future!
Then have a riot!